this week in motherhood {+ wildbird review}

i remember when taylor announced wildbird slings — her vision was clear, and her slings were downright adorable with cute bird-themed names. at the time, oliver was already humungous so we were working with double layer slings to accommodate that extra baby chub.

when i found out recently that she had introduced double layers, we jumped at the opportunity to test and review one. this past week, we’ve snapped a shot each time we’ve used it (and missed a few times in between — i swear i’m wearing this thing 24/7)



last weekend, we had dinner at terrain — we managed to get there about two hours before they opened the cafe, so we walked around the greenhouses and ran a bit in the rain. it was a cold afternoon, so a bit of extra snuggle for belle was perfect. plus, i had free hands to chase ollie, while he apparently had free hands to pick a boog or two. boys! haha

while eating, maribelle began to get really tired, so i loosened the sling a bit for her to nurse and cozy up. i’m almost positive their is nothing more peaceful than nursing your babe in a greenhouse with the rain drizzling around you. moments of motherhood i don’t want to take for granted.

onday, i had a terrible migraine from shooting a wedding the day before. while most of the day was spent in bed, ollie stole a few moments of alone time. he’s at the max weight for slings, and only occasionally asks to be worn, but when he does its my favorite. while wearing him monday, he felt completely weightless, which is always a plus whether feeling under the weather or not.

he is the reason i chose swan — when ollie was a baby we had a different (and much more complicated) carrier that was a very similar pattern. everytime i look at this wildbird sling, i think of those first moments of motherhood and how far we’ve come. this peachy boy has grown so much, and continues to amaze me. my first born, sweet oliver.

tuesday was spent at the zoo with my sister, where she snapped the above photo of the kids and i without me knowing. (sneaky!) i wore belle in our sling for about three hours straight, no problem. she had the perfect view to see over the fence at the animals, and got a kick out of those sunnies ; )

wednesday was my first beach trip with the kids by myself (without steve). we spent the day with mama friends and their babies and had an absolute BLAST. it was this day that i realized once again how much of a lifesaver this sling is. when it came time to leave, i laid belle down on our towel to change her out of her suit, and once changed slid her quickly into the sling. i was able to bring ollie over and change him with belle attached to my front, rather than having her wander off or get covered in sand and water all over again. even though this sling is a double layer, it was super breathable and i didn’t feel like i was overheating, regardless of the crazy temps we’ve finally gotten here in new jersey. ollie carried his bucket while i wore belle and carried our beach bag. we were off the beach and onto the boardwalk easy peasy!


and then today: today is our friday this week, and it felt like such. we had a slow breakfast and then oliver and i got our boots on to check on the garden and cut some lettuce for tonights dinner. grabbed our sling on the way out the door and belle was able to be a part of the process — sampling bits of herbs i would pick for her while harvesting. ollie repeated “i help? i help? otay!” while belle peaked over at the greens, wiggling her toes in the sunshine.

all week, the sling has been necessity for us as belle is teething, and as you mamas know, that means attached to me all day, er’day. i’m able to get along with day to day chores while still wearing, and the bond with both bebes from sling wearing is undeniable. its been the biggest blessing being able to review this wildbird sling, and its quickly become our go-to with every outfit, every outing, and every memory. x

4 thoughts on “this week in motherhood {+ wildbird review}

  1. Have you used the sakura bloom slings as well? how do they compare? I’m looking into getting a sling for baby no.2 and i tested out a sakura bloom a while back and loved it for the 3min that I had it on. i ended up buying a linen sling from etsy and have been rather disappointed with it. it doesn’t offer much support and really starts to give me an achey back after about 15min. so yeah, how are they??

    1. i have! we started out with sakura bloom and love their slings! each company has different materials and thicknesses so it can be tricky — this wildbird sling is a chambray, i believe, and is so thick but very breathable, and supports her so well! i’ve also been carrying ollie in it often and he’s huge 😉 haha

  2. I just found your blog and i love it! this sling looks super comfy and practical. I’m definitely going to check them out. Thank you for sharing!

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