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at christmas, we decided against a tree scattered with gifts and opted for four carefully selected gifts (one thing they want, need, wear, and read).  its been so exciting to not feel the pressure to buy like crazy come christmas, and to just enjoy the holiday for what its truly about. its equally enjoyable to get to make your own choices to parent however you choose. actually, thats undeniably thrilling. ; )

with easter around the corner, i removed from storage the kids easter baskets they were gifted last year. and then i brainstormed, and pinterest searched, and googled ideas for the perfect easter basket. most all i found was STUFF. lots and lots of unneeded stuff. sippy cups shaped like bunnies, bubbles shaped like carrots, erasers shaped like easter eggs. but come the 28th, what will all of that become? most likely stuck in a bin to be long forgotten, or even thrown away. in our effort to simplify, this didn’t seem logical, and even more than that, it didn’t seem spiritual. here i was mentally slaving (okay, maybe thats a stretch) over the perfect easter basket, when one: they’re likely too young to even remember it yet. and two: this should be 100% about Christ. like Christmas, we didn’t want to fall into the consumerism of buy buy buy when it should really be about hallelujah! He is risen!


instead of an easter basket this year, and likely the years following, we will be giving the kids a spring basket on the first day of spring.

now, hear me out. this isn’t the same thing given a week earlier. haha! our goal in doing this is a sweet surprise or things they’ll need for the coming warm season, with an added petite surprise or two. each year, we’ll be giving them each a shorts pajama set, as well as other spring necessities like sunglasses, a pouch or so of spring-season veggies, or a book to read while picnicking in the coming warm weather. i’m really REALLY excited for this simple basket each spring to bring the kids such joy and excitement. and for the following easter week to just be, minus the bunny.


olives basket this year includes:

a jeep pajama set from old navy — oliver is obsessed with our jeep, and yells “eeeep!” every time he sees one out and about. these as his warm weather jammies were a no brainer (also, his are shorts instead of pants, which is so bizarre because i can’t find those anywhere else.)

a weck jar full of jelly beans — because, sweet tooth like his mama. and they remind me of eggs, and all of the new life we’ll be able to show oliver come spring. terrain sells similar here

a small lego set and a lego keychain — for his backpack. i’m itching for him to see this because i think he’ll be purely smitten. boy loves his legos.

a personalized birth block from banner toys — this was the sweetest gift to receive from them for both of the kids, and i intend on buying them for everyones first birthdays now. such a timeless piece to remember a most important day! the blocks include a photo, their birth place mapped out, their birth stats, and first letter of their name. i mayyyy have teared up when they arrived, and i think the kids will find their photos in wood fascinating.

spring basket1

maribelles basket includes:

a birth block as well, with the gummiest grin! this made me so sentimental as we’re nearing her first birthday with eight front teeth thus far.

an earths best carrot pouch: because home girl could live off of carrot pouches. my little rabbit bebe.

emma, en emotionals primer from baby lit. we purchased both this book and her hadley girl hair bow here. her hair is recently long enough to create a sprout pony tail, so all the hair bows are now necessity ; )

sunnies – because she actually keeps them on and sun sensitive blue eyes seem to run in the family.

a shorts pajama set as well — equally sunny. so excited for spring!



come easter, we’ll be using these ideas for the corresponding verses regarding the resurrection. pretty psyched about the rolls in particular, because oliver is at the age where thats going to blow his mind. what are your easter plans, or upcoming plans for spring?


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  1. Absolutely in love with this whole idea!!! I may need do get on this and make Heidi a spring basket!! Also, I’m totally with Oliver and yelling “EEEEP” due to our mutual love for Jeeps.

    PS- I was going to Facebook, but will mention it here. The day I PM’d you about how subscriptions work, I had subscribed here, but later realized that the confirmation email kept sending me to an error.

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