1,2,3 // reading with oliver before our church starts. 4//tiny toots sleeping in. 5// sick house means online sermons. 6// oliver hanging up the (dry) laundry, sucha cutie. 7,8,9// firsty daddy daughter tea party; belle got a kick out of her saucer hat. 10// toy bits left by oliver 11// bath time! 12// a quiet moment to myself, second cup of todays tea in hand. 13// meal planning – steve’s giving it a whirl this week.

reminded of this quote as we attempt to honor the sabbath as best we can:

“our family attends church services on sunday morning, no matter how tired or frazzled we feel, unless we are ill. we dont do laundry, clean house, go shopping, or cook elaberate meals. we take walks, read the bible, visit with friends, nap, or putter in the garden. this kind of sabbath-keeping requires a certain amount of descipline. housework and homework must be done ahead of time. family members may grow restless with the quiet. but those who have made sabbath-keeping a priority testify that the balancing power of sabbath rest is truly worth the sacrifice. after all, God gave us sabbath because he loves us.” — from having a mary heart in a martha world


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  1. Thank you! This was a much needed read today. Everything is so hectic right now and it’s important to keep our priorities in line. Adding that book to my list!

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