on nursing and expectations

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When I first had oliver, my supply was endless. I froze a few hundred ounces of milk with ease, and had such a strong let down that he would sputter.  He was gaining like a champ- growing into his next size up in clothes before he reached the recommended age. It was certainly a struggle though, as oliver had trouble latching from the beginning and we relied heavily on a nipple shield. with lots of tears, spilled milk, and persistence, we overcame. And then at four months, things changed. His weight began to drastically decrease, And I quickly became bitter. Why couldn’t he latch properly? Why was I suddenly not making enough milk? why did breastfeeding seem to come so easily for everyone else? I had plans to nurse him until at least a year, and at a measly four month mark, I felt that we had failed. I let the stress overtake me, and in turn my supply continued to decrease. Outings became a worry of “will he nurse well or will he fuss at my breast?”

I had heard of moms who stopped nursing after a few days, or two months, or seven, and I thought they must be giving up. That even with supply loss, you can pump and take supplements and that there is no reason to stop. But sometimes it isn’t enough- it takes a village. It takes support, cheerleaders, and prayer warriors. moms who you can have that “same happened to me!” moment with, knowing that you aren’t alone on this journey of breastfeeding. sometimes, it just doesnt happen, and that is most definitely okay too. It isn’t easy, it isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s definitely stressful. in thinking that nursing to a year was the only way- was anyone’s only way- I set standards for myself that were unattainable and caused unneccesary stress. Everyone’s journey is different, so with MariBelle, we had that different mindset.

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 MariBelle nursed well from birth. Again, I pumped a ton from the start to have a large freezer supply. After about two weeks, we found out she was allergic to dairy and therefore wouldn’t be able to have any of the pumped milk. But see! This is where perspective plays a huge part in the nursing journey. The beauty of this struggle was that all the pumped milk I had saved i guiltlessly gave to oliver. It has helped him through colds, hard teething days, and most recently through hand food & mouth virus. When it seemed he wouldn’t be able to reap the benefits of mamas milk, there became a way he could. With the support of a strong family and friend tribe, and nursing friendly treats, my milk supply has stayed and I am able to continue to pump dairy-free milk for little miss (so far! No expectations or preconceived ideas.)
In simplifying all aspects of our life, nursing was a no brainer. To me, simplified = less stress. Less to lug around in the diaper bag too, which is a plus carrying enough for two under two. So bye went the boppy pillow. See ya later nursing covers. Sianara Landolin. Our essentials serve multiple purposes, and grow with MariBelle.

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Sakura bloom sling – nursing while wearing her and using it as a nursing cover when need be. This thing seriously has endless uses. I never ever leave the house babies in tow without at least one of ours.
Coconut oil – used for sore cracked nipples in the beginning, and then continued use for diaper rash on both of the kiddos. All natural and smells so yummy.
Clary sage– womens hormonal balance in a bottle. I roll a bit on my lower tummy a few times a day. Eased the pain for my uterus contraction in the early nursing stages, and continues to ease pesky menstrual cramps.
Good ol h2o – and a cute water glass to go along with it
Reusable nursing pads – I didn’t use the reusable kind with oliver, and I wish I had. They stay put better in your bra (IMO) and after time and wear, I’ve noticed they form well to my chest. I also am a firm believer that night time nursing bras are the way to go, even in the daytime.

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Mrs patel’s – guys, I’m really excited about this! With recipes passed down through generations, mrs patel’s offers nursing bars, tea, and “munch crunch”. The tea is SO GOOD. Having tried nursing teas that I had to guzzle to get down, a nice chai tea that also helps lactation is a dream come true. And that munch crunch that can be sprinkled on top of anything is so good, I find myself taking a teaspoon by itself. 😉 The best part is most everything is dairy free! Mrs Patel has offered a discount for you to try all these lactation treats. Enter code “brookebfing” during checkout at mrsmilk.com for 20% off your purchase. And let me know how much you love it when your goodies arrive!
share your nursing stories, questions, or must haves below. If you would like to, shoot me an email instead. We need to be there for each other in this, mamas. Nourish your baby the best way for you two, with your tribe of supporters along for the journey. xx

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