oils, recently {with monq}

did anyone else go through their teenage years with a serious love of eisley? or if not, are you at least following one (or more) of the duprees on instagram? because if not, youre missing out on a plethora of musical talent, kick-butt vintage outfits, and insanely cute bebes galore. seriously, stop reading for a minute to scroll through their feeds – theyre most dreamy and cutesy.

when sherri dupree(now bemis) posted about monq, i originally thought it was a petite vape. a bit of further snooping on monq’s site informed it is far from a vape – rather, it is a personal essential oil diffuser. guys, they’re rediculously cute, they come in seven useful blends, and theyre competely free of everything harsh and yucky. just straight up essential oils – good ol aromatherapy. count me in.


monq offered to send their zen blend for us to review, which is a blend of orange, frankincense, and ylang ylang.  heres the pros and cons in my opinion:


cute factor — each monq comes in a muted colored tube, small enough for your pocket or wallet. when breathing in, the crystal at the end lights up.

taste — though this would be dependent on your oil preference, i personally really like zen which surprised me as i didn’t expect to enjoy the taste of these specific oils (even though i normally like the smell of them)

practicality — especially for this blend in particular, this seems like such a beautiful thing in the realm of aromatherapy. zen makes me super sleepy and well, zen, right after using it. its tiny size makes this so easy and convenient to carry around as well.



green footprint — i would love to see these come in reusable, much like how vapes are.

puff-challenged — perhaps its a good thing, but i had no idea how to use this thing! i’ve never smoked anything in my life, so it was a challenge for me to figure out how to get it to work affectively. steve smokes a pipe on occasion, and had to show me repeatedly how to use it.

bebe impressions — i haven’t used this around the kids, and likely wont. though it is completely nicotine free and basically just a diffuser on the move, i dont want the hand to mouth movement to leave an impression on them. like a cup of warm tea, i’ve been using monq strictly at bed time or after the kids are down for a nap – as a time for relaxation.  we have vapers on both sides of the family, and i dont want them to confuse this for one.

overall, i’m really into this! like aromatherapy in general, its a nice treat with a health benefit. the next blend i would like to try is “vibrant” that is ginger, lemon and spearmint. take a peak at their site and let me know which you’re interested in the comments below!

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