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the ever-filling, always messy, full of stuff but never what you need – diaper bag. am i right? no matter what area of our life we’re pairing down and simplifying, the diaper bag always ends up getting a little insane. with our choice of using a semi-small purse as a diaper bag, we’ve gotten creative with storage of must-haves, and how to keep it as organized as possbible (small bags are your friend)

when it comes to oils, we have a few favorites that we love to keep on hand. i had previously kept them in the zipper compartment of our bag and often forgot they were there. it seems using essential oils is like any other habit – it takes hard work at first. to remember to use them, to remember which oils to use and how much. like any other habit, having said item in front of you helps to remember – so when rivertree life sent us a few oily items, i was pretty excited!


the top three oils we keep in our diaper bag are calming the child, headache relief, and digestzen. i call this our natural first aid kit, as it helps calm the bebes and eases both stomache aches and head aches (and hey, mama can use a little help in those departments as well!)

this crochet pouch holds three roller bottles perfectly snug, and fastens with a large wooden button. the fact that our most used rollers are easily seen in our bag but not rolling all over and unable to be found make this pouch a no brainer. its become necessity.

calming the child blend has grown to become my favorite oil as it is kid-safe, has a calming relaxing scent, and can be used in multiple ways. a few of our choice uses are:
– combined with bath salts for the kids or parents
– in a roller bottle for charlie horses and shin splints
– in a diffuser or car diffuser (we use our car diffuser like CRAZY. i’ll be making a separate post on that, i’m sure)
– a few drops on a dryer ball for the laundry.


oil giveaway 1

our other must-have for the diaper bag has been this essential oil inhaler — in it i have a few drops of joy which i give a sniff to more than once a day. it is the perfect pick-me-up scent. i also use joy as a perfume in a roll on, and sometimes diffused in our room as well.

if youre new to inhalers, they are little containers with a wick inside that soaks up the oil to keep the scent. options are endless, but to name a few:

meditation or serenity: for yoga or just the need for relaxation
citrus burst : for a boost of energy and uplifting spirits
sniffle stopper : a kidsafe blend that decongests
– you can also add drops of any of the oils we have in our roller bottles, as essential oils work great either applied or inhaled

lucky you, rivertree life is giving away the same purple inhaler! enter below, and happy inhaling! xx

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  1. I love essential oils! I use them in my diffuser and topically – gotta love roll-ons! I have never used an inhaler before – I’d probably use a combo for sniffles, especially this time of year. Really enjoy your insta & now your blog too! God bless.

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