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the start of fall – change of leaves, changing out shorts for thick knits, and changing our immune system. this weeks been real, man. though we use our oils daily, its this time of year that we begin to really start cracking down on our use and benefiting the most from them.

a few ways we’ve used oils this week:

  • calming the child
    on both kids feet before naptime. we’ve been using this oil more recently as maribelle is breaking another tooth and is moody central.
  • i’ve also been using calming the child on myself as low iron has been giving me restless leg. i cant stress enough how much of a lifesaver this oil is. mixed with a bit of lotion its the perfect addition to a nighttime routine.
  • cedarwood
    mixed with apple cider vinegar on our ceiling. thanks to the recent storm coming through the east, our skylight took a beating and is leaking in the bathroom. this mixture sprayed and scrubbed has kept our ceiling mold free while we figure out what on earth to do about it.  we use these spray bottles as plastic isnt suggested for essential oil use.
  • we’ve been diffusing germ fighter and a combination of orange and cinnamon, because fall ya’ll.
  • lavender
    in our shampoo, because my scalp hasnt been taking well to the change of weather. or maybe hormones? pesky hormones.


how have you used oils this week? we’d love to hear what your favorite uses are!


2 thoughts on “oils, recently

  1. Can you please share what diffuser you use and if you would recommend it? I have been looking at Amazon and am overwhelmed and all the options and mixed reviews. Thanks!

    1. we have a doterra petal and a jasmine diffuser and love them both! the jasmine works better for smaller rooms and has a very sleek simple design, whereas the petal seems to completely diffuse our open layout, but has a specific purple color. hope that helps! xx

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