Newborn | Xhamyiah

Meet Xhylah, and her new baby sister, Xhamyiah. When mom, Bri-dget, asked me to photograph her three week old, I was beyond excited! Its been so long since i’ve photographed newborn, and I was ready to dip my toes in newborn photography a bit. It didn’t take long for  Xhylah to warm up to me, and soon, I found I had a little assistant! Wanting to make sure her sister was happy, calming her down, bringing her toys.

Xhamyiah was so alert during her entire shoot – lifting her head multiple times, making those cute baby faces (the tongue sticking out? always my favorite) as well as taking a smidge of a nap so we could photograph her bitty little details. Clearly, i’m getting baby fever just thinking about it    ; )

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