new year, simplified.


as 2015 comes to a close, i’m reflecting on these past 365 days and what we filled them with. the birth of maribelle, multiple trips, and many speedbumps — overall its been most fantastic. our effort to simplify began the beginning of 2015, as it was my chosen word for the year. yes, even our new years is simplified. ; )

i’m heavily against the idea of resolutions at the start of a new year, mostly because of the influx of people i see at the gym come january first, and the lack of lettuce i see at the produce shop. come the end of january, the amounts are switched and i’m back to buying my leafy greens without trouble. resolutions come and go within the month more often than not – its a looming stress over our heads to amount to more this new year. with simplifying, an unneeded stress just doesn’t appeal to us. so we decided to instead choose a word – one word to set our year in motion. last year, it was “simplify”, and with that we were able to rid ourselves of 70% of our belongings, declutter our hearts and minds, and focus more on experiences/travels than on buying the latest this or that.

i can definitely say i feel it was successful. there wasn’t specific specifications for what we were expecting of 2015, there was simply the idea of owning minimal amounts – less is more. and guys, it was AWESOME. life changing may sound like an exaggeration, but it truly was. as the year is coming to a close, steve and i have been talking about our word(s) for 2016.

i’ve decided my word for the coming year will be “fellowship”.  building lasting connections with the friends we have, and focusing our attention on those friends deeply rather than spreading ourselves thin on acquaintances. i want to surprise my close friends with a special just because gift or card in the mail. to attend more events at our church and get more involved. to help at our local food bank, and get the kids involved in giving the gift of time. maybe “time” could be my secondary word? some days i dont feel like theres enough, and i’m quickly reminded the Lord doesnt give us more than we can handle in a day – we do that to ourselves. so we’re prioritizing, and i suppose simplifying even moreso in the coming year. back to basics, back to our roots. people. community. fellowship. i’m really excited for what this year holds!


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five year journal

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paper sugar planner

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