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if there is one thing we just cannot pair down – one thing we collect – it would be books. not so much books for steve and i as we have kindles (praise, or we would legitimately have a library) but kids books are totally and completely our weakness. not a bad one to have though i’d say, right? could be worse. ; )



the kids each recently recieved a book from “lost my name”  – they bring stacks of books for us to read to them, and this one has been in constant rotation. though maribelle is still a bit young to understand the concept, ollie has taken an interest in letters and what each word starts with. he was so excited to see that the story is all about him and his name, and especially excited to see that for the letter “l” he had “lion”. lots of “rawrs!” during bed time!

when ordering multiple books, lostmyname makes sure to give each kid a different story even if they have the same letter in their name. for example, when making maribelles book, their site asked if i wanted to use something different for L since olivers book already had lion. i thought that was seriously cool, and so thoughtful!

the best part about these books in my opinion is the unique learning experience. letter sounds, learning their name, and animals/people — as we’re entering homeschooling preschool with oliver i feel like this book will help a ton with multiple lessons.

have you guys heard of lostmyname before? do you have one (or more) of their books already? share what you think below! x

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  1. Love this! Heidi also loves book AND SPELLING HER NAME–I MAY HAVE TO LOOK INTO THIS. WE’VE been hitting up the library very consistently in recent months because of our desire to collect books. After having to pair down so much before our move, we didn’t want to go through that again since books were by far the most difficult. Thanks for the review <3

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