ayo, snow day! ; )

I was a little too excited when i awoke (after sleeping in quite a decent amount of time) to find snowfall.
It’s crazy to think that the first snowfall of the year is in November,
though I remember last year, it had snowed on my friends wedding in October.
I’m not complaining though – how could I?

I’ve spent today listening to Nora sing along to Bing Crosby records, drinking tea,
watching the birds eat the seeds we left out for them, and making corn muffins.
After Steve came home, we made the short trip down the road to grab some Chinese take-out,
then watched the Nickelodian movie “Snow Day”, followed by cinnamon ornament making & a short starbucks trip.

can you say best day ever? I’m sleepy, and blessed.

In Case you’re curious, here is the recipe for the Ornoments.
They’re a favorite of my family – we used to make tons when I was younger..

Cinnamon Ornaments 

1 cup of applesauce
1 1/2 cups cinnamon
cookie cutters in different shapes & sizes
string for hanging

>>  mix applesauce & cinnamon together in a large bowl.
If the mixture it too wet, continue to add cinnamon until it is well mixed and fairly dry.
>>  roll out your dough flat with a rolling pin, and begin cutting out your shapes,
re-rolling your “dough” to create more shapes with the scraps.
>>  preheat oven to 200′ — make a hole with a straw in each ornament.
Steve had a litttttlleee too much fun with this part. we had bits of the mixture from the straw everywhere  ; )
>>   put the ornaments in the oven for at least an hour. keep checking on them – they should be hard as a rock and smelling lovely.

I hope you all had as great of a snow day as we did!

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