just another thursday

it isnt  “hump day”, theres no “tgif”, no “ugh, its monday”. thursday- seemingly unimportant. we woke slow to tea during breakfast, none of us clothed except for oliver wearing yesterdays shirt. remnants of our time together with friends the night before were skewed all over the house including my camera which, as we now have two wild and on the move kids, has sat in my camera bag for far too long. i fear oliver will grab it while i’m not looking, breaking a lens. or that maribelle will crawl to it (because guys, shes beginning to do the scoot crawl and i’m just not ready for it) and use it as her own personal teether. but today, on a thursday with nothing to but exist, i dusted off that beautiful canon and shot a few frames. and gosh, i will treasure them so dearly.










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