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Today, Steve + I made a spontaneous decision to take the one and a half hour trip to Terrain – simply to visit for about two hours. Even for a half hour of our time there, its ENTIRELY worth it.

During my Computer Graphics class i’m taking, we watched a 45 minute documentary on Marion Bantjes that showcased her beautiful cottage on an island (my dream? yes.) as well as the fact that in order for her to feel inspired, she needs intense amounts of sleep. Which got me thinking – what inspires me? There’s a ton that does, really. Actually, just about anything inspires me in some way or another! but i’ve found over the last few years more and more that what inspires me most is nature. The organic shapes. colors. the way they work together. Which brings me back to Terrain..

Its quite honestly our favorite place to go. The mix of beautiful handmade bunting, the use of trees in every possible way, as well as the simplicity of all that they sell (the labels, actual products, and so on) is all so awe-inspiring. We just had to share even a few of the bits we came across —


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