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our goal in the bedroom was to create a sense of calm. as i’m sure you’ve already noticed, we prefer no fuss – simple. lack of color, heavy on the linen, even heavier on the greenery. we opted for a canvas banner over our bed as a daily (slightly suggestive, based on local) reminder to continue love, always. steve is super against nightstands for some reason, and i’m against buying something that we may not use for years and years to come. erin of reading my tea leaves had suggested some time ago to use a crate as a coffee table. seemed like the perfect option for a nightstand to house my kindle, bible, water, and lavender linen spray. (also featuring a recent air plant purchase, because heavy on the greens, remember?)

our bed linens are the faintest blush pink sheets from target, and a linen duvet without anything inside of it, because i’m an overheater. we also have a grey ticking stripe pillow in the center of our bed that isnt often used — i think it may end up in ollies coming big boy room..


i realized in typing this up that when i thought we had a minimal closet, we’re far from it. i didn’t count steves clothes, but as most guys go, he has a handful of plaids, jeans, a few dress shirts, short stack of tees, and way too many socks and beanie hats.

for the time being, i think this is as small as our closet will get. thats the beauty of a capsule closet — for each person, it is entirely different. ones capsule could include twice as much as mine, while another entire capsule would be the same amount as my tee shirts.




steve and i share a single dresser straight down the middle. we’ve opted to keep the top of our dresser with only daily needs, body oil, a framed wedding photo, a few candles, our essential oils, and steves pipe can be seen on top. cigar boxes are the perfect size to house most of our tiny bits, and theyre also versitile if we decide to not use them for that purpose anymore. in case you havent noticed, we’re big on versatility.


my jewlery is also kept on our dresser — i decided to use a marble cheese board to keep everything together. the copper trinket box holds misc jewlery, while the porcelain dish holds my daily wears. the handful of necklaces i’ve kept are on an S hook in the closet.

half of this drawer holds three layering tanks (grey, nude, white) as well as three yoga tanks – all rolled up for maximum space and ease of viewing. i have twelve tee shirts, and five long sleeve tees. most capsules suggest keeping a color scheme, and i’ve found that we do not follow that rule at all. haha! to each their own. for the most part, our tees are kept neutral, though.

the second half of that drawer holds bottoms — three madewell jeans, because i’ve found them to well worth the money. they hold up, even though i wear the same pair literally for a week without washing. as i type this, i’m on day five of the same bottoms. this keeps them looking good longer as i’m not washing/breaking them down as often, and means a bit less laundry.  there are also dressy black pants for wedding photography, black jeans from old navy that i distressed myself, and a pair of khakis that i never wear but am afraid to part with.  in regards to shorts, i have four pairs, and one pair of shortalls that are one of my favorite purchases to date. again, most wouldnt count that in a capsule, but for me, i count them necessity.

thirteenthe next drawer down keeps active and sleepwear. four active pants (sweats, two leggings, and beach linen pants), two sweatshirts, three pajama pants and three shorts, and two pajama sets – one long sleeve for winter, and one short sleeve that i call my hotel jammies. you know the kind: pink and black, french to the core. every hotel we go to, i bring them and i feel rediculously luxorious, even if we’re simply in a best western. it also holds two bathing suits – a fun one piece and a simple black bikini, as well as four nighties, which truth be told is mostly what i wear to bed. back to the whole overheating thing.

when it comes to underthings, i’m a bit untraditional since having the kids. i found a pair of underwear from victorias secret that i loved so much, i bought them in every color – nine pairs so there is enough for a full week, plus two days. they’re the perfect height, they stay put, but they have a bit of lace detail along the leg so they arent completely granny. steve likes them, i like them. everyones happy. i have two actual bras, tan and blue, but mostly bralettes. maribelle is still nursing, so not only are these conveniant for easy access, but they truthfully make me feel sexy, even if theyre unseen by anyone but me.

our closet holds the bulk of my clothes, and almost none of steves. hah! in our closet are seven stand alone tanks, five blouses, six skirts, ten dresses, two rompers, seven sweaters,  and eight button ups. when it comes to outerwear, i have five sweaters, a pink blazer, rain coat, jean jacket, and two winter coats — a dress coat and a snow coat.

shoes and purses were always my weakness growing up, but i find myself reaching for the same few over and over as of late. in the summer, i have two sandals, a pair of flip flops for the pool and hotel showers, and my trusty pons. i probably wear my pons 90% of the year — if youre in the market for shoes, BUY THEM. heaven almighty, buy them. seriously. buy. them. in the winter i alternate between boots, fringe moccasins, and my new balance sneakers. my dress shoes include clogs and black flats that are often worn for wedding photography. aside from my weekender travel bag, i have a market tote, my madewell tote that we use for a diaper bag, and a nena and co bag that is perfectly broken in. having a plain tote and a fancier bag works well for me to alternate between the two.

sixteenthe final part of our bedroom is this sweet box my mother in law got me many years ago. i use it to keep artifact uprising prints, old photo strips, instax images, movie stubs, funeral cards of loved ones. limiting kept memories to this box keeps me mindful of what we’re keeping ahold of. aside from the kids baby box (which they share thats kept in olivers closet) this is all of our past kept tucked in the corner of our closet. if theres anything i want to keep that doesnt fit, i photograph it (or print a photograph that its in) and get rid of the item itself. for instance (bare with me- this is a little weird) growing up i kept a stuffed animal that looked like each animal of mine that passed. i know, weird. after coming across these recently, i became crazy sentimental. they were musty and dirty. so i lined them up, remembered the good times, took a photo of them, and off they went. memory kept – the same feelings back by looking at the image as if looking at the actual object, but much less space taken.

PHEW. that was a lot. you guys still with me?

so what are the ways you keep your closet the way you would like – the way that works best for you? any questions i missed? let me know! x

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  1. Love this little ditty; It’s like a capsule of your capsule. I so admire your taste in naturals and neutrals, but myself am a sucker for tapestries, intricate linens, blankets, and throws, and my granny-style gallery of paintings on my “friend, flea, me wall.” Im also sorting out to hold onto my style while simplifying my clothing choices. Im waiting to see whAt fits postpartum before parting with anymore clothes. Love all of this, and LOVE (and caps) your box of memories. Mine are currently in a shoebox in tthe closet–they may deserve an upgrade. ❤️

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