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this weekend, we photographed a wedding at terrain at styers, and i’ve since been daydreaming of everything floral — blame it on their lavender sea salt butter, or perhaps on the rose spritzers — whatever it is, steve is completely on board. i’ve somewhat recently found out that he’s obsessed with floral scents, particularly fragrant peonies. after ours recently bloomed, we cut them for the kitchen counter and stuffed our noses into them multiple times a day. but when the petals began to fall, i hit the internet for ideas to keep that scent lingering.

partially from essential oils, and partially from my memom who adores lavender, we use lavender quite often in recipes for our food and for our skincare. basically, we just REALLY like flowers over here! so i thought i’d share some of our favorite floral recipes:


lavender sugar (or lavender sea salt)

  • start with food grade lavender, rubbing it between your hands to release the scent.
  • in a weck jar, or your container of choice, fill 1/4 of the jar with the lavender, and the remainder with either sugar or sea salt. allow to sit for anywhere from a day, to months. the length of time it sits will determine how strong it is.

{use on top of scones and other desserts, or to dip fruit into. mix into your drinks, or add to your cooking. the ways to use this option are seamingly endless. you can also use either recipe on your skin as an exfoliator! }


peony or lavender simply syrup

  • using a small stovetop pot, bring 3/4 cup water, 3/4 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons flower of choice until boiling.
  • allow to simmer until the sugar has dissolved
  • cool, then strain – refrigerate.

{this can be used in coffee, tea, and alchoholic yummies. basically wherever you would use sugar or sweetener, this can replace with a bit of an extra floral taste.}

rose peony everything oil

  • combine 1/3 rose water and 2/3 vitamin e oil in an amber dropper bottle, shaking well before each use.
  • add roughly five peony petals to the mix, allowing them to steep and mix in with the fragrant combination.

{i use this oil for absolutely everything. a few drops in a bath, a body oil, facial oil before bed, oil at the ends of my hair — vitamin e is such a gentle versatile moisterizer.}

what are some of your favorite ways to use florals outside of the garden?

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