diaper bag, simplified.


the diaper bag – a black hole of cheddar bunnies, receipts, and never ever finding what you’re reaching in for. like, ever. in simplifying our lives, the diaper bag was so freeing to clear out. we’ve found in general, simplifying = cleaner. and when it does get messy, its a quicker fix to get things back in shape.

when we headed to the hospital for olivers birth, we had packed toys, swaddle blankets, diaper powder – you name it, we packed it. we had a real diaper bag that was filled to the brim. it was RIDICULOUS. we changed our bag contents promptly after arriving home and realized the two main things he needed was mass amounts of diapers and multiple changes of clothes.  when we had maribelle, she and i shared a bag and it was a pleasantly tiny one. between both kiddos, our diaper bag has become streamlined to contain was our kids need the most, and doesn’t have the “oh, we may need that at some point” items. in our car, we keep extra diapers and wipes (currently an icicle brick) as well as a change of clothes for both kids and a swaddle blanket. we keep a small basket with these items at the foot of maribelles car seat.

so, here it is. our contents broken down. i’ve included links because these products are something we seriously could not live without, and i think they’d be beneficial to most any bebe.


  • our diaper bag and my wallet are from madewell, and my planner was a target purchase.
  • the kids both are obsessed with baby food pouches.  we use disposable at times, but love these reusable ones.
  • we try to keep toys to a minimum as they clutter and weigh down the bag. our go-to’s are olivers jeep, a wooden rattle,  and mariebelles teether.
  • we’re still carrying a burp cloth around – these from burts bees are absolutely perfect. we’ve handed these down from oliver to maribelle, and they still look brand new. i’ve yet to be disappointed with burts bees anything.
  • our lily+mama sling – the best invention, ever. really, i can’t boast enough about baby slings, and this particular one is breathable, a tiny fold, but strong enough to hold oliver when he could use an extra cuddle.
  • baby balm – used for scratches, dry skin, olivers eczema, diaper rash. you name it, we add a dollop.
  • essential oils and hand sanitizer. more on our essential oils we carry here.
  • we keep our diapers in a cloth pouch – one of a handful that we have from random online purchases. we use these bags for everything, and are always swapping out different sizes depending on what we’re carrying with us.
  • we use these tiny tins for puffs and almonds. i’m always hungry thanks to nursing. (actually, lets me honest. i’m just always hungry. hah!) almonds have the necessary nutrients to refuel, and come spring we can swap it out for seasonal produce.
  • olivers sippy – light, easy replaceable, and low key, these sippys have been our go-to from the start. i’m overly excited at the idea of buying maribelle a ballet pink version when the time comes. ; )


i’m sure our diaper bag will be ever changing, with an extra zippy and band aids being our future new staples – but this is where we stand currently,  with a two year old mister, and ten month old little lady. curious what your favorite diaper bag items are, and what you’ve realized you just don’t need to lug around. share away in the comments!

3 thoughts on “diaper bag, simplified.

  1. Simply loving this post! I’ve been carrying around a Columbia diaper bag backpack and it just doesn’t suit all the time. Does this bag have a snap or anything at the top or is it just open? Lovely!

  2. Everything about your diaper bag is adorable. I wish the overflow I toted around for our children looked half as cute as your’s. 🙂 I love the simplicity your brought here. These are some great products too! I may need to purchase a few for my sister-in-law…who is having a baby shower next month.

    I found you via Instagram. Your feed is gorgeous, and I enjoy your photography. I may have to check back in here more often now, too. Happy Wednesday! I hope your kiddos are still feeling better. 🙂

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