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steve had no idea when we met many moons ago that i would be dragging him along to 60+ weddings, and i had no idea that he would take to it as well as he did. but here we are, eight or so years later, and after shooting last weekends wedding he said to me, “i think we should do this full time.” we. both of us. the idea had always seemed daunting and unattainable — theres no way we could both be stay at home parents. out came the spreadsheets with a trusting team over our finances and guys, we’re doing it.

holy smokes, is this a huge leap of faith. to rely on the Lord and his provisions this strongly to provide for our family. our dreams are this- a set amount of weddings per year, weekdays home together. waking up with steve on more than just the weekends, breakfast together all four of us. trips, for homeschooling of simply for adventures, during the week or on weekends we arent shooting. time for steve to spend with the me and the kids more often – to grow our roots deeper than a white oak. to think this could be possible for us, to live so freely together, its really honestly the biggest life altering blessing and we couldnt be more thrilled.

so take a peak around! we’ve changed up our site a bit to accommodate db photography. we’ve chosen to integrate our personal blog and business blog together because our point to both is the same — sharing the beauty in simple moments, and taking the time to slow down and focus where most may miss. we’ve been so honored to have you following along with our life, and we’re excited to bring this aspect of our life as well. thank you thank you a hundred times thank you! lets amp up the lovin’ ; )

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  1. That’s so exciting!!! I’m so happy for you! It’s been so wonderful having Tyler home this past year, and we couldn’t imagine a better setup where he gets to be part of the everyday moments with our girls and creating family memories all the time – not just on weekends. It’s definitely a rare and very special blessing 🙂

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