Christmas traditions: with Gymboree


When Gymboree reached out to collaborate for their holiday line, we were psyched! Christmas really is  “the best time to be a kid” – they’ve asked for us to share with ya’ll a few of our holiday traditions, and I’d love to hear what yours are as well!

Growing up, I remember the excitement of every thing we did being amplified. We would always pick out a live Christmas tree, and have continued that tradition with our own kids. Curious how that will work living in the airstream now – if you have any ideas, we’re all ears. hah! Right when we get home, Christmas music goes on and we begin decorating. In true minimalist fashion, all of our ornaments have sentimental meaning, so we take the time to talk about each one as we put it on the tree.


December begins with our advent – which includes activities, recipes, or crafts for each day, as well as coloring pages to help them understand the story of Jesus’ birth. As the month progresses, we see Christmas light displays with my side of the family,  and go to a near by amusement park that lights up after dark with my husbands side of the family. Theres even fake snow! Which has been a huge blessing since we’ve had less and less snow storms in our hometown. When there is snow though, you better believe we’re outside building snow men, followed by hot cocoa indoors.

Its been such fun incorporating Christmas memories from Steve and I’s childhood, but one thing we’ve started all our own is a giving manger. On our table, we keep a manger empty with only baby Jesus, and have a jar of hay next to it. With each thoughtful action and kind word, we add a piece of hay to the manger, giving Jesus a bed to lay on. The kids love reading the corresponding book each night, and we love to see the excitement build as they understand more and more what this giving season is about.

We were sure to grab options from Gymboree that were timeless basic pieces – easily mix-matchable but also warm and cozy. Both of their pants are fleece lined, and truth be told, I’m a little jealous. they’re SO cozy! we paired them with boots for picking out Christmas trees, walking in the woods, caroling, etc., and sweaters for layering as the cold weather progresses. Olivers look was finished off with extra warmth in a fleece lined vest, while Maribelle opted for a sparkly headband (girl loves her sparkles).

Gymboree and I want to know – why are the holidays the best time to be a kid? bonus points if you can tell me which outfits you’d like from their Christmas collection you can find here. and by bonus points, I mean a chance to win a $50 gift card. woohoo! check on our instagram as well for more ways to enter. xx

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