capsule wardrobe: nursing edition



over the past year, we’ve been pairing down our belongings throughout the house – working to only have the minimum of what we need sprinkled with a few “gotta-have-its”. it has been the most therapeutic experience!  one aspect of simplifying that has thrown me for a loop is the idea of a capsule closet. when i had first heard of this idea, i wrote it off with the mindset that i already have trouble picking out an outfit in the morning, so why would i take away even less clothes? less clothes would mean more trouble during my morning routine, right? wrong wrong wrong. SO wrong. getting dressed in the mornings has been easy peasy now that i have a minimal wardrobe – i know that no matter what i pick for the day, it will fit well, mix well with other items in my closet, and be something i absolutely love. serious win!

when i started this capsule wardrobe journey, i was expecting maribelle in the first trimester. it made it easier to part with items i wasn’t wearing often or at all because i basically couldn’t fit into most of my clothes anyway ; ) now that she is here and i’m (just about) down to my pre-pregnancy weight, the new criteria for my threads are, “can i nurse in this?” or even more than that, bebe girl has been wanting to be in our Sakura Bloom nonstop, so its “can i nurse in the sling?”




first off, buttons. seriously, all the button downs. these were always a staple in my closet anyway as they are so versatile – over a tank top, over a maxi dress, with a skirt, with shorts or pants. but as a nursing mama, the words “button down” bring a hallelujah chorus. most of mine are from Gap, but i am currently loving this short sleeve seersucker number from Tradlands during this hot weather.


more buttons! this gap dress is one of my favorite nursing and beyond finds so far. it is thick enough to not be see through, and thin enough to wear during this heat wave. bonus points for the hem length that is so hard to find and perrrfect. maxi skirts are another nursing essential for me as most dresses do not give breastfeeding access. this floral one shown here was a thrift find, and is perfect for sunday morning service, or chasing oliver around at the park. again, versatile is key in the capsule wardrobe.



tank tops have been another key part of my nursing friendly capsule — shown here is a pink satin lined piece from Anthropologie, a silk black tank, and a thin Victorias Secret shibori print that goes perfectly with bralettes, which leads me to my next necessity..


underthings. wink wink.

targets nursing night bras are my go-to (for daytime. who am i kidding) but this bralette trend is perfect for nursing mamas. easy access, stylish, and so many options. Free People has great designs, patterns and materials to make a simple piece your own. also shown here are my two favorite mama+little silicone teething necklaces. the black and white one was my daily wear when oliver was teething and nursing. we recieved the “zooey” mint necklace for maribelles sprinkle, and i’m so excited for her to begin using it — although i have been wearing it regardless of her not teething yet, of course.

so what are your nursing go-to clothes? where are your favorite mama-friendly shops? let me know in the comments! xx


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  1. Yes to all of the above! But I am also going to add that this time around, Henley shirts and deep V-neck tees have been my favorite! I can unbutton just a bit and easily latch Quinn on without ever lifting up my shirt, and with a deep V-neck it’s very easy to (‘scuse my manners) pull my boob out without lifting up my shirt.

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