baby shoes, simplified.

when it comes to simplifying our life, the biggest struggle has been in regard to the babes. we’ve attempted a capsule closet for both of them, and have somewhat succeeded in that on our own terms — no set amount of clothes, but only keeping our favorite items. keeping with the mindset with a boy was easy, whereas with a girl, i find myself wanting to buy every skirt, headband, and shoes there are. the tiny ballet flats! the mini sneakers! the tiny mary-janes!

but reality is, most aren’t practical. so many baby shoes fall right off with the slightest kick, end up lost, or fall apart if worn for purpose rather than cute factor. enter: freshly picked.


the pros – buttery soft leather, soft sole that stands the wear and tear of play, easy slip on, but not easy slip off.

the cons – i’ve yet to really find one. perhaps the hefty price tag? but i’m a firm believer that you pay for quality, and these are most definitely top notch quality.

our peachy pair has been worn by maribelle for the past few months almost daily. even though shes just shy of nine months, we’ve got a serious crawler on our hands, as well as a shoe-sucker: if shes on her back, her foot is in her mouth. she’s begun walking with heavy assistance as well, yet still these shoes look darn near new. a few ruffled fringes, and thats just about the wear they’ve endured.

another plus is the knowledge of knowing your money is going towards the original moccasin maker — we’ve followed susans story from before her tv premier, her shark tank feature (which she totally rocked!) and through her instagram posts. this company is big on giving back and working hard for where they’re at, and its really stinkin admirable.


all that to say, we want you to see how fantastic they are as well!
we’ve teamed up with freshly picked to giveaway a pair of soft sole moccasins of your choice.

entry can be found on instagram, but for an extra entry, comment your color choice should you win. we’ll be picking our winner next weekend. talk about an early Christmas present! ; )

23 thoughts on “baby shoes, simplified.

  1. Oliver needs a pair! Probably brown because I’m boring. But I already want all three sizes so me and my babes can match πŸ˜‰

  2. The freshly picked moccasins for little ones are adorable! Being an expecting mama I would love to win a pair! I personally like all the colors but the classic brown I think would go well for a little ones wardrobe, especially since we have not found out what we are having yet! Thanks! I hope I win. ☺️

  3. I have been wanting a pair of their Stone Suede moccs for the twins. A won pair will literally cut my bill in half! Which would be such a blessing. Fingers are crossed! Xx

  4. Definitely love the versatility of the weathered brown color! I could not agree with you more about shopping for girls. Everything is so cute!

  5. Oh I love Freshly Picked! Such great options, I think I’d have to go with Glacier as it could still go for either boy or girl at this point. When baby comes I may choose something different. Lol

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