a good good friday

steve had off work today for good friday – what a blessing today is! any day he’s able to stay home during the week is so great, but today especially, with all that this day holds. today we remember  our Lord on the cross, beaten verbally and physically, but we also remember that in this moment there is such hope! it truly was a good good friday.

wheat canada had recently asked us to be a part of their mini storyteller group, asking us to grab a few shots of the kids wearing their beautiful clothes. we has a slow day of waffles for breakfast, our favorite local mom-n-pop shop for lunch burgers, and a trip to terrain. oliver insisted on picking out a plant for his bedroom, picking out a pot just as orange as the hair on his head. we let both the kids explore, get dirty, and have fun while i snapped away. here are a few images that are just my absolute frame-them-all favorites —









2 thoughts on “a good good friday

  1. Family time is the best !!
    I love that you put family first….i❤️The beautiful pics!! More please…..

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